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10 Cleaning Products Moms Cant Live Without

10 Cleaning Products Moms Cant Live Without

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Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. It is a never ending job to clean a house and keep it that way. Every time there is one mess made and cleaned up, another one takes its place.  So how do you or I survive this type of torture?  Lots and lots of wine!

Just kidding!

You gotta have some really great cleaning  buddies on your side.  Ones that never let you down and tackle messes fast!

The top 10 cleaning product I use in my cleaning rotation are just a few of the millions out there but these work for my home.  If you want to check out some more great reviews on products, especially ones safe for mommy and baby, Zoe Withers at Thinkbaby.org is the place to be!  She has amazing reviews on tons of products surrounding baby and mommy.  Her site is wonderful and has a focus on mommy and self care, check her out! My favorite article this month is on the safest baby sunscreen to use, so good! 

The best cleaning buds I have on my side and in my home really help me get the job done so I can focus on other things, like having coffee in peace and quiet in the morning without waking up feeling like I have to clean… that’s the worst!

Here are 10 Cleaning Products Moms Cant Live Without…

Check out all of these products for yourself by click the product name!

1) Kirkland Disinfecting Wipes

By far my all time favorite cleaning product.  I used these for everything from cleaning a high chair to doing a quick once over on my stove.  The low streak formula makes everything look smooth and shiny and these puppies kill a ton of bacteria making my home safe for the kids.  During cold and flu season I uses these like crazy! I have a pack in almost every room for easy and fast cleaning.

2) Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach

This product I feel is so universal and not just for toilets, I use this with the precision head on the bottle for the grout around my sink or on the fridge where you set your cup under the ice machine and all over the tile in the bathroom.  Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe clean and you have fresh looking grout, tile and fridge.

3) Dyson Cordless Vacuum

I just read an article stating that Dyson will no longer be selling cord vacuums, which in itself says it all!  This is the best vacuum ever… light, movable, and can tackle big and small messes.  If you don’t have one you should get one, seriously best investment of your life!

4) Method Grapefruit Spray Cleaner

For deeper cleaning on my counter tops and stove I use this product.  This gets the job done and my house smells amazing with it.  I will do anything to cover up the smell of kid and diapers :-)!!

5) Bartenders Keeper

This product I don’t break out all the time but it is wonderful for deep cleans and when my stove or oven really need some love.  Like when my husband decides to fry a bunch of chicken wings, the mess is unbelievable! I also use this on tough spots in the shower.  This gets rid of all of the sticky and rough grim that is hard to get out with other cleaners.

6) Bissell Steam Mop

Just like the Dyson, if you don’t have one of these you should!  Good on all flooring surfaces, they are fast and easy and the pad goes in the washing machine.  I have had anything from hardwood floors to laminate and concrete. This mop cleans them all and they look great once you are done.  The steam breaks down hard spots and takes up a ton of dirt.

7) Swiffer 360 Duster

Man these things are good at killing spiders! About once a month I run one to three of these swiffers dusters all through the house.  I get the ceiling fans and everything and any cobb webs that are hiding.  If you are also looking for a great way for the kids to help out, this is the one.  My kids fight over who gets to use the duster first!  So glad my kids love cleaning as much as I do!

8) Natural Weed Killer

At my house we have this palm tree that just does not stop dropping seeds and every day I pick out the seeds that are growing in my little succulent garden, but ones that started to sprout this product kills them and any other weeds that might be pestering your garden. Spray and then in a couple of hours they come out super easy!

9) Bleach

Good old fashioned bleach.  Now I know that no chemicals are a thing for sure but sometimes the messes are so bad they just need some bleach.  For instance, when we moved into our rental the bathtub was pretty bad. I let bleach sit in it for hours before I scrubbed it and it worked wonders. I mean it breaks down all the particles and just gets the job done.  Its the cleaner of all cleaners.

10) Magic Erasers

I don’t use these very often but when I have a tough spot on the walls, like the never ending kids foot prints or finger prints…these babies really help.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that they disinigrate when you use them sometimes, especially on a rough surface. Hence why they are not my favorite go to but they still have their place in my cleaning supply rotation.

Cleaning can either be the death of you or something you really enjoy.  Having some good weapons on your  side can make or break it.  Also some really good music you can dance to along the way!

What are some of your favorite cleaning products and why?

Also don’t forget to check out Zoe Withers at Thinkbaby.org for more product reviews and everything mommy and baby!

Once you get your favorite cleaning buddies on your side, next step is to start organizing them in a weekly routine… Check out some of the hacks I use to keep my kids toys, supplies and crazy stuff organized! Here

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