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10 Ways to Keep Kids Stuff Organized

10 Ways to Keep Kids Stuff Organized

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Have you ever noticed how much stuff kids have? I mean its crazy how the stuff piles up for one kid.  Think about three kids and your head starts to spin!

Currently we live in a small two bedroom house until our house gets built. Finding ways to keep kids stuff organized has had to be a very creative process on my part.  A five person family in 950 square feet, has been quite a challenge. (Check out the Homestead Tab for updates on the build)

Using these product plus a few tricks has helped me remove almost all the kids stuff from our main rooms, giving the kids their designated space. Also creating an adult space where I can unwind at the end of the day. Keeping my living room looking nicer and not like a play ground, winning!

Here are the top 10 Ways to Keeps Kids Stuff Organized. These worked for me in a small space but they can also work in larger areas.

  1. Baskets, baskets and more baskets
    • I have baskets of all kinds in my house.  It’s an obsession I think, but these lovely contraptions help me keep things in their place. Anywhere from kitchen baskets to bath room baskets, I have them.
    •  The kitchen basket has all the kinds of cups in it so they can easily be put away or grabbed when needed.
    • My pantry has a few of my favorite baskets where the kids  and adults can find their snacks.
    •  The plastic baskets in the above collage are my all time FAVORITE! They come in so many cute colors and they are super easy to clean. I also keep one in my car for items that need to stay in the car that I don’t want rolling all over the trunk.  Items such as reusable grocery bags, umbrella and extra water bottles.
  2. Bath toys
    • I found this really cool net, that allows just enough bath toys in it without my bathroom being flooded with duckies and barbies.  Yes pun intended! This cute and light mesh bag helps keep the toys dry. It is easy for the kids to use and convenient enough for them to help clean up when bath time is over.
  3. Potty training or littler ones? 
    • In the living room I have a special drawer by our coat rack and shoes for their panties.  I keep them in the living room due to our small space.  Someone is always sleeping in the kids room. So I keep them in the living room for ease when someone has an accident or needs to change. That way, there is no going into the room and waking up any sleeping children who happen to be in that room.
  4. Clothes 
    • This nice sized cubby organizer is spacious and has good size bins. The organizer in this link is similar to the one I have in the girls room. All three have their own designated and labeled cubbies. Each knows where their cubbies are, can reach them and they help put away laundry themselves.  Which in turn, I get things done, items put away, and a task checked off my list.
  5. Kids endless amounts of toys  
    • Oh my gosh, sometimes I get so sick of seeing kids toys and I need to them to be put away where I can’t see them! Anyone else feel this way? I used my kids bunk bed drawers to hide ALL the toys so they have a specific place to go and I don’t have to have them in my living room at the end of the day!
  6. Diapers
    • My diapers are in a small basket on the floor, under a table so they are a little hidden! Therefore, giving them and me easy access for a quick change.  The older kids love to be big sisters to the baby and keeping these in reach helps them feel like big helpers!
  7. School Stuff 
    • I have a super overflowing coat rack with all of our bags on it, the backpacks are not reachable for the kids but they are off the floor and out of the way when they are not using them.  These are especially helpful in my post, 5 Tips for Getting the Kids out of the door, On Time! I can easily grab those back packs and put them in arms reach for school days.
  8. Shoes and boots.
    • My girls love their pink cowgirl boots! Both older kids have had about 3 pairs each of these boots but they are so cute and inexpensive.  You can grab you kiddo a pair, here.
    • I have them in fun blue boxes right by the front door.  Because of this rule shoes are never left on the floor and go straight to their designated basket when they get home from an activity
  9. Accessories
    • Each girly has their own accessories drawer in their room where I can hide all of the miscellaneous items. Hats, bathing suits, sun glasses, gloves- all the extras in one place makes, another way laundry is a little easier in my house.  (My middle wears a swim suit every day under her clothes!)
  10. For baby
    • I have a special drawer in my tv stand where all of her baby toys and pacifiers and etc go.  Even though hers are in the living room, you can’t see them.

Once all of the kids and the baby items have been put away at the end of the day, its time to wine and wind down.  In a decluttered space that feels like an adult space and not Disney princess land. Now, that is something I can cheers too!

Does anyone have any amazing hacks for organizing that you use in your space?  Share it here!

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