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12 Must Have Packing Hacks for Moms

12 Must Have Packing Hacks for Moms

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Packing is always such a daunting task, especially with multiple kids! How do you get all of their stuff into the smallest spaces possible and minimize what you need to bring?  It takes some serious brain power and a couple cups of coffee to get your head wrapped around it all. These 12 must have packing hacks for mom are super helpful when it comes down to the nitty gritty of packing.

A month ago I packed for a month long trip to see my family! I just got home from lovely Ohio and had to share a few packing tricks because I gave myself a personal high five for getting all three girls and my things into one suitcase! One suit case and one proud mom moment right there!

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Once I finished zipping up the suit case I realized, this has got to be something that I share, not only because I was seriously proud of myself but because it’s something that I hope help you and your family on your next trip.

Here are 12 must have packing hacks for moms…

  1. Write it down first

    Get yourself organized and write down all the items you think you need and then minimize from there. Do you really need 4 pairs of socks or can you bring two?

  2. Know the amenities at your destination

    Will you have access to a washer and dryer or will you be totally on your  own?  Will you have access to a hair dryer so you don’t have to pack one? Knowing all of these things can really help you cut your packing list down and save some room.

  3. Let your kids bring their own back packs

    My kids had so much fun packing their own back packs for entertainment on the plane, they got to pack 2 small toys, markers, coloring books, their iPad and some snack themselves.   They loved that they got to help get ready to go to grandmas house. Especially my 5 year old… “Ok Mom, so my Ipad should go here and my snacks in this pocket, ok?”  Lol ok kiddo… she totally has my organizing skills! 

  4. Minimize moms stuff

    What can you reuse for a couple days? Focus on one or 2 dresses, one pair of shorts and pants.  Best way to make these guys look new is to pack a couple additional shirts.

  5. Bring only 2 pairs of shoes each

    I used to bring a pair of heels with me or an additional pair of sandals for those just in case circumstances.  Just in case we went to a fancy dinner.  Those items took up so much room, this time I brought one pair of nicer but comfy sandals and one pair of running shoes. 

  6. What can you buy when you get there?

    Diapers, wipes, contact solution? I packed just enough diapers for the flight and that saved a ton of room!

  7. Bring easy to fold items

    Big poufy kids tutu’s no way, simple summer dresses and stretchy shorts yes! Anything that can be folded small or tight.  I think the bulkiest item I packed for the girls was a zip up jacket. 

  8. Minimize Toiletries

    Moms that means minimizing make up options and accessories. Rotate through a few necklaces and earrings, I made sure I only brought one eye  shadow pallet and 2 lip sticks.

  9. Like to work out?

    Wear your tennis shoes on the plane to save some room.  Hopefully if you have a washer and dryer you can bring one or two of workout pants, shirts, sports bras, etc.

  10. Limit kids clothing

    Choose 2 or 3 items per category. 3 pants, 3 shirts, 2 shorts, 3 panties and 3 socks. Keeping kids items to a minimum saves us a ton of space.  Inside the suitcase they basically took up one half and I took the other half.  Their items were in 3 little stacks. This even helped me get the baby’s music machine, in the suit case.  Which would have been a nightmare at bedtime if I didn’t bring it!  This Baby Einstein music machine I have has lasted through all 3 kids, simply the best!

  11. Pockets

    Use outside pockets for extra electronic cords and I put some of my bulkier items on the outside- hats and swim suits to maximize the amount of inside storage space in the suit case.

  12. Pack in Layers and categories

    Put shoes on the bottom and as flat as possible, put moms stuff in first because you take up the most room and then kids all close in each perspective section. Keep room for toiletries and any loose items- socks bathing suits, etc can go in zipper pockets to keep them contained.


This trip was the first time that I had to pack all 3 of my kids things into a tiny space and taking some of these 12 must have packing hacks for moms really helped. Especially writing everything down seriously helped me keep organized.

Now coming home was a totally different ball game.

See… grandma loves to shop and us girls love that too because we get spoiled in the process but there was no way I was able to minimize and get all these fun new items in our suitcase.  So, I had to cheat a little and I shipped a big box of stuff we didn’t need via UPS and only kept what we really needed in the suit case on the way home.   Sometimes you just have too much fun at grandmas house and need to think out side of the box!

Help your mom friends and spread the word!

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