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30 Days of Affirmations and Positivity for Moms

A couple minutes a day for yourself, makes a good day

I don’t know about you moms… but there is a point at every time of day, of the week and the month where I could use some positivity. And this is why I created 30 Days of Affirmations and Positivity for Moms .

Everyday has its ups and downs and I could usually use a pick me up for instance at 6:30 am when the kids wake up, 12:30 when I pick up one of daughters from school and then 2:10 when I pick up my other daughter. And oh ya, 3:30 when they are super crabby, 4:30 when they are super hungry and 7:30 before bed! Phew!

So multiple times throughout the day that I really could use a positive pick me up.

I thought about this for a while and decided to make an easy one page print out that can be put anywhere in my house. So I could see it and know that I had something positive to think about when there was a rough time in my day. Hence, 30 days of Affirmations and Positivity for Moms…

Now I am not one for lots of sayings all over the walls… But I do think that creating something that can help you with the stress of each day is a must.  I have two things that are going into my day that are helping me create a day that I enjoy.

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My daily journaling and organizer, you can find the easy printable copy here. Writing everything down and keeping it on one page per day where I can do a quick glance and stay on track. I track my workouts, my meals and my intentions through the day on this.  It has bee an absolute life saver!


My affirmations and positivity one pager. Now this is not just a sheet where I randomly put positive quotes on... no no no!  This is a sheet based on times throughout the month that really have specific needs.

At the beginning of the month we are renewed and focusing on better routines and habits. These first set of affirmations are designed to carry you forward with your goals for the month.

The second set is for arguably the toughest time of the month where you are in a haze from one day to the next.  A point in time where you really need to re-center your focus.  These are designed to uplift and motive you to not fall off track.

The third and final set are to carry you home and to the finish line. It's when bills need to be paid or you are stressed because its month end at work.  Designed to keep you on top of your game and finish strong.

Are you ready to be on top of all of your tasks? And find something that brings you peace of mind amongst the chaos?

30 Days of Affirmations and Positivity for Moms is designed to make you feel better and help you attain your goals for a better you.  To know you can accomplish something great, something you have always wanted to accomplish. Whether it is big or small.

The printable comes with affirmations but some room for writing and a quick goals for the day. As well as sections for monthly goals and a yearly goal reminder.

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30 Days of Affirmations and Positivity 

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