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5 Simple Steps for Waking Up to a Clean Home

5 Simple Steps for Waking Up to a Clean Home

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Waking up to a clean home, is something I value immensely. Not only does it help me start my day off on the right foot but it also helps me relax.  It helps my mind stay calm and not think I have to start doing things right away before the sun comes up! Here are the 5 simple steps for waking up to a clean home, that I do every night to help me get my next day started off right.

5 Simple Steps for Waking Up to a Clean Home

  1. Dishes– dishes are done after dinner and dish washer is set to turn on in the middle of the night.  I set the time for the middle of the night just in case there are a few more items that need to be added before bed time. Dishes that are not dishwasher safe are put away once they have dried.  Therefore giving me a clean counter top in the morning.
  2. Pick Up the Floor- that means all shoes, toys, and clothes are off of the floor.  Stepping on a Barbie in the middle of the night is never fun!
  3. Coffee Ready to Go– coffee, the lifeline to a tired mom.  What I would do without my coffee, I have no idea! Coffee in the morning, with a clean house, makes me a seriously happy mom. Every night I take my coffee cup out and two pods for my Keurig.  The pods I use from San Fransico Bay are the best.  Compostable and not made of plastic makes the taste 100 times better! With my coffee ready to go, I am not banging things around in the morning.  Keeping the kids asleep for  a littler longer for a couple extra minutes of mommy quiet time.
  4. Organize the Couch– this may sound like a weird one, but through out the day my couch gets destroyed, whether it’s a fort, a barbie picnic or a ballerina jump. The couch is a mess all day and at any given time.  Every night I put the pillows back and fold the throw blankets. Putting the couch together is visually pleasing to wake up to and it makes for less noise in the morning.
  5. Vacuum Before Bed–  Right before my youngest goes to bed I do a quick once over the kitchen and the living room.  Stepping on cheezits at 4:30 in the morning is a good way to make you grouchy! If the floor is pretty clean I skip this step but I have three crazy kids, I ususally cant miss this step!  Its amazing how much food kids get on the floor and not in their mouths!

Every night around 7:30 these tasks come to the front of my mind and I get a little excited. Knowing that if I prepare for the next day it will make me a happier mom.  Being able to enjoy my coffee in a clean house in peace and quiet.  There is nothing better than that!

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