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5 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids
Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Such a wonderful time of year… fun parties to go to, bright smiling face and a good excuse to get dressed up cute and have a glass of champagne!
With all of the wonderfulness of this season also comes the crazy. There is rushing here and there and buy this and buy that. We try to do everything we can to make this holiday season go smoothly with as much fun as possible.

As adults, I think we can normally handle all of the hustle and bustle. But how do we keep our kids on top of their game and be/stay merry as well.
That is a tough one I think. It takes some major organization, patience and awareness to make the kids stay balanced and in line during all of the craziness.

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After a couple Christmas’s under our belt with 3 kids and my husband usually work on major holidays, I am usually tackling the hustle and bustle solo. Which means I usually am very intentional about our planning, what I bring, and am aware of the kids and their attitudes. I try to make sure we do as much as we can but I try not to push the kids too far.
No one wants to be at a party where kids are having a major melt down the whole time.

Ways to Survive the Holidays with kids

Here are 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids. These help keep my kiddos and myself rolling during this fun and crazy season

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids

Be intentional and plan well- Pack your bag or backpack the night before with all of the essential.  A couple items we always bring are…
  1. Jammies
  2. Extra panties and diapers
  3. Milk and sippy cups (milk goes in a container in the fridge and in the backpack in before we leave!)
  4. Couple of snacks for the kids
  5. Water and a snack for myself
Packing the car the night before- I always make sure the car is ready to go. Especially if you leave early in the morning.  I always have…
  1. The stroller packed
  2. Car seats ready
  3. Blankets and any extras needed
Bring the iPad or entertainment your kids love- I don’t always bring my kids iPad but when I do they can be helpful for long rides home or if I know we will be gone all day.  I bring the iPad when…
  1. We have a long drive
  2. Are going to multiple places
  3. Will be out late and I know they will need some down time.
Know your accommodations, which goes hand in hand with the above 3 points.  Pack according to the party.   I like to know what I am getting into a head of time.  I usually look into…
  1. When it starts and how late we will be there
  2. Will there be other kids there or will I need to bring other entertainment
  3. Are there other clothing options or food options I need to bring based on timing.
  4. How far away are we and how can I plan around the babies nap time
Know your limits and your kids limits. All of our kids hit their limits make sure you plan for yours. Some things to think about are…
  1. Do you know your kid needs to go to bed at 7:30
  2. Does your kid need a good place to nap
  3. How hungry are your kids
  4. Its always ok to go home if you and your kids are done for the day and need to rest!

Overall, this season is one of the best… being able to see family and friends that you may not normally see and becoming closer as family is the greatest.  But knowing your limits, your kids limits and your families limits is essential to not throw everyone into overload.

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