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7 Things to Do in the Morning to Feel Energized

7 Things to Do in the Morning to Feel Energized

I am a busy mom of 3 that enjoys creating routines to help me get through my day. I try to find easy fixes for cleaning and getting things done so I can enjoy some relaxing time at the end of the day.  These routines also help me stay on track with my daily workouts and creating daily energy to get all my set tasks accomplished.

From my morning coffee to my late night tea or wine it all pans out, sometimes not so easily, but it pans out.  I mean I have 3 kids, its practically chaos in my house All-The-Time. Which is why creating routines in my house really helps my families production and keeps me sane!

Adding one or a few of these 7 things to do in the morning to feel energized can help create the boost you need to make healthier choices, keep calm and feel amazing!

7 Things to Do in the Morning to Feel Energized

    1. Morning Yoga– Yoga is on my workout calendar for Tuesdays, Thursdays and a stretching relaxing yoga on Sundays. I always have a smile on my face after this.  My brain goes… workout- check, happy- check, coffee- let’s do this!
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon and Water– this a digestion and body awakener super star.  I get 8-10 oz of water, squeeze half a lemon, and a tablespoon of ACV in a mason jar and drink it right when I wake up.  It wakes up your body, helps you hydrate, it can help with weight loss and digestion.  Give it a try, the lemon cuts the ACV flavor so its not too pungent.
    3. Create your To Do List– do you have a busy day?  Sometimes writing these things down can keep you on track and on task for the day.  Crossing those items off can make you feel so good as you do them.  Also, creating a to do list helps you not forget.  I don’t know about you but I am good at forgetting things.  To do lists are a life saver.  The freebie below is how I keep myself on task and on point. Using this print out or copying it to your daily journal will improve your productivity and keep stress levels to a minimum.
    4. Coffee and Pray– Sometimes I need just some relaxing time.  If the kids had a bad night or I couldn’t sleep.  I sit by the window, quietly drink my coffee, pray and just breath. Total reset time!
    5. Read– this goes hand in hand with number 4, if I need some quiet time to clear my brain I read.  I have a couple of books in rotation and I pick which ever one looks good that morning.
    6. Write– My mind seems to work best in the morning… hmm I wonder why?  No one is screaming, or asking questions or running around.  It’s like I am on vaction in the mornings!  So it makes sense that my best writing comes in the morning.  As a matter of fact the sun still hasn’t come out as I am writing this. This is a wonderful time for blogging!
    7. TV and Coffee– Sometimes I get really lucky and I get my yoga in or I get enough time to do my to do list that I get a few minutes for some TV time.  I don’t know about you but I don’t get much TV time in these days.  So when I get the time, its great.  I usually have my second cup of coffee and watch a silly movie I have probably seen a thousand times.  We have the Amazon Fire Stick so I have just about any movie you can think of!

My routine switches up a bit from day to day but I always start out with number 2, the apple cider vinegar lemon water and then I move on from there.

If it is Tuesday or Thursday I do yoga.  If its Monday, Wednesday or Friday I have my coffee and pray and then do a little work. On those days I run so I have a little more of a relaxing morning.  Saturday and Sunday are my for sure times to relax in the morning, I usually go with TV and coffee.

I am a big believer in waking up early, especially with kids.  It give me the time I need to mentally prep for the day as well as get a few things done for myself.  It makes me happy and if you can swing it, you should try it.

Did you add any of these 7 Things to do in the Morning to Feel Energized, items to your morning routine? How did they make you feel?  Comment below and let me know if these helped you or if you have any great suggestions for a good morning routine.

Git r Done today ladies!

Energize your mornings!
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