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A soon to be family of Six… What will that be like?

I am 8 months pregnant and the comments I keep hearing are…

“Wow 4 kids, you’re crazy!” “You are pregnant again?” “What are you going to do with all those kids?” “Wonder woman” “Bigger everything once you hit 4”

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Receiving these comments made me think… hitting 4 kids must be a milestone. It is not quite an uncommon number yet but I see many people with three kids but not many with four. I feel like this is a right of passage into a bigger family life.

Big family life, what a soon to be family of 6 will be like

My father in law has told us from the start when we said we wanted four kids. “Four kids changes everything. Four kids means bigger cars, bigger everything” And he is right, our Subaru no longer safely fits all the kids, we needed a little bigger house and the thing I am worried about the most is our grocery bill! To me its already pretty high… I’ll take all the tricks I can to make that number stay the same or go down!

Even with knowing four kids seems to change things, my husband and I always wanted 4 kids and I am grateful that we have been blessed with that… almost! August 29th can’t come soon enough.

I have also, never truly enjoyed all moments of pregnancy even though this is my last and I am trying… I always feel a little less capable of handling things like I should. Or playing with my kids goes by the way side a bit because I just want to sit. The end goal of pregnancy is what keeps me going… Holding them, cuddling them and going through life with them is what I can’t wait to do!

Bigger, louder, messier…

I am thankful to have all of these crazy kiddos with all different personalities. We signed up for a crazy messy life when we decided to have all of these kids and have them close together.

Its pretty awesome, I am not gonna lie!

But it has its downs too… like getting ready for school in the morning, we for some reason can not figure this out. I pack lunches early, we make breakfast early… TV only once clothes, backpacks and breakfast is ready and done. I mean it seems like its all together right?


My oldest will take 45 minutes to brush her hair and teeth…. I am confused every morning as to what takes her so long! I need to put a camera or something in the bathroom and see what she is doing! Or maybe a shock bracelet if she moves away from the sink… I am up for suggestions!

Having kids takes a good amount of strategy, patience and planning. And even doing as much as we can of that, life happens and God has other plans. So as moms we can pretty much roll with the punches.

Thank goodness for wine… it really helps calm the nerves!

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So for a soon to be family of six, what will that be like?

Well… it will be messy, crazy and wild. It will take additional planning and a paper and pen by myside at all times. If I dont write it down I forget! And it will take a little getting used to but I am up for it. Once we hit 3 kids it was like… ehh what’s one more, we got this! We are already outnumbered anyway!

So if you are a mom… whether its one kid, two or 10… I know you feel me on some of these points. What is your toughest time of day or makes you keep truck’n along as a mom?

For the soon to be or future mom… what is keeping you up at night or makes you nervous about kids?

I’ve been through my share and want to help you feel at ease about becoming a mom. Heck… we were made for this. Once that baby is in your arms, you won’t have all of the answers but you will have the drive, determination and coffee to get you through motherhood!

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