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Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms

Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms

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Recently I have been implementing a new routine that brings some serious focus to my life.

On Sundays I write down an overview of my week. Then each morning I write down my daily intentions and affirmations. So I thought I would share how I do this and how it help keep me sane! As a mom of three, sanity is hard to come by but I try as much as I can!

My process is an awesome weekly organizer that I created to help me keep track of my weekly tasks or as I like to call them intentions.  By calling them intentions instead of tasks, it helps remind me that if I do not get to these items, its ok and it can be done tomorrow. It helps me realize that I can only do so much because you never know how it will pan out. It’s what I intend to do for the day, not what has to happen, which keeps my mind at ease. On this weekly organizer I also keep track of my meal plan, workout plan and affirmations for the week.

This weekly organizer helps me focus on the items I really need to accomplish during the day and a reminder for the week. It has me waking up earlier, getting things done and checking items off my intentions list faster.

If I plan my day out and do these couple of things in the morning my whole day runs smoothly.  I even find that I am not loosing energy around the 3:00 lull.

What is it about 3:00 anyway that seems to be so rough?

Around 3:00 seems to be the time when my day is the hardest.  The kids are tired and probably hungry, I am probably hungry and we all seem to need a break! This time seems to be when I need a time out the most and usually when I am at my crabbiest.  That is why I knew something needed to change.  I wanted to break the 3:00 pattern that was happening in my house and find a way to keep my focus through out the day.

This lead to the Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms Weekly Organizer.  This organizer keeps everything on it I need for the day and week.  Easily check items off or take a quick glance and make sure that I am keeping up with my to do list.

Let me break it down for you… grab a cup of coffee if you need to, or a glass of wine.  Is it 5:00 yet?

Included are sections, for Intentions, Affirmations, Meal Plan and Workouts. The intentions are my most important items that need to get done for the day as well as calendar reminders for myself. Affirmations is a section for positive self talk, being able to glance at a few positive affirmations puts a smile on my face throughout the day.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes being a mom and covered in head to toe kids stuff all day can sometimes bring you down.  Writing down a couple of positive items about me and for me for the day really helps lift my spirits.  It is also helping me get past the dreaded 3:00pm time.

Lastly, I have my daily meal plan and workouts on here.  With my families schedule, I can only really plan one or two days ahead for food. So having somewhat of a plan for two days keeps my diet healther than not. Having my workout planned for the day is also extremely helpful.  I have limited space and equipment in my house so if I plan ahead and have my workout for the day ready to go, I am more likely to accomplish it. It also allows me to be creative with it and mentally prepare to get my blood flowing.

Here is how I implemented the Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms Weekly Organizer into my week and daily routine

Sunday night I set my goals for the week and do a little work on planning out each day, mainly Monday and Tuesday.  But I get my workouts set up for the week, a two day meal plan, and weekly goals.

My Morning Starts my routine goes like this…
  1. I start by waking up early. 4:30 am to be exact
    • I have always been a morning person, 15 years of 5:00 am swim practices will make anyone a life long morning person! Unfortunately, I recently got out of the habit of waking up early which seems to have thrown my whole pattern off.  I would stay up later and sleep in. Which means I would not get my morning alone time and hot coffee.  The kids ask for a million things when they wake up so I automatically became grouchy because I felt like was being bombarded.  Come on kids its only 6:30! So getting back into my 4:30 wake up calls allows me to get my day planned out and organized.  And of course I make my coffee at this time!
  2. Between 5:00- 6:30
    • A whole hour and a half to do what mom wants to do, yay!  During this time I drink my 32 oz of water before coffee. With coffee made I and sit on the couch with a blanket and dive in.  My alone time starts with reading my daily devotional, Pressing Pause, 100 Quiet moments for moms to meet with Jesus. Then I set my sights on my weekly organize and set my intentions for the day, my affirmations and confirm my workout and meal plans. I read a few pages from a book. Finally, I get to work and start writing or updating items on my blog.
  3. After 6:30
    • After 6:30, the madness begins.  Since I have everything I want to accomplish written down and a few items already checked off of my list.  I am at easy and less stressed.  I am able to tackle all the questions and requests from the kids with (hopefully) considerable easy.

Sign up below to get the weekly organizer I use, Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms weekly organizer. Print as many as you want and create a routine that suites your needs and brings peace and organization to your day.

If you are looking for a change in your routine and bring focus into your daily life, the Daily Intentions and Affirmations for Busy Moms Weekly Organizer might be all you need to get your day started right.

Did this work for you?  How is implementing a new routine making you feel? I’d love to hear from you… send me a note and let me know how this worked out for you!

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