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Having a Rough Day in Motherhood

Having a Rough Day in Motherhood

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you feel like you can do nothing right? Or when you are having a rough day in motherhood?

I had one of those weeks not too long ago.  I felt like a terrible parent.  It was one of those weeks where there was a ton of discipline and my kids were just not getting it.

My kids are still very little, so teaching right from wrong goes on constantly all day.

It was a week where I was saying “What is going on in my house right now?” My oldest was constantly crying, the middle kept making bad choice and being naughty and my youngest is testing boundaries.  These things could make a mom pull her hair out!

We had a few run ins with some other kids on our street where my jaw dropped and I was baffled by the things my kids did…I taught you better than that I thought.

Are you ever baffled by your kids?  Man I am, whether its good or bad!

So at the end of the week, I sat down exhausted on my couch and thought about all this… Man I feel like a bad parent I thought.  What can I do to change things in my house and make these kids do the right thing? We say “make good choices” in my house, how do I get there back there?

Here is what I came up with…

Having a Rough Day in Motherhood

5 ways to change things around when its not going well

  1. Assess your situation

    For me this meant changing my approach with each of my children.  My oldest is old enough to understand most things. Speaking to her in more of an adult manner works well.  Sitting her down and getting her to talk and having me listen rather than going straight to discipline, really helped.  She was able to let out some frustration and I was able to hear her story and make a decision from there.

  2. Switch Things Up

    My middle is still too young for long reasoning conversations so switching up time outs worked well. I changed the location and my approach. Usually it was timeout in your room until you stop crying, but this time I had her stay in the action and sit and watch quietly for 2 minutes. That meant she was missing out. Her time out didn’t start until she was quiet and not crying. So in total she had about a 15 minute time out, HA! Any attempt to move or talk and the time out would start over. It made her control herself and it gave me the control and show who is boss. She was great after that. Mom Win!

  3. Give yourself a Timeout

    We all know this one, but it is true.  If you are in a bad mood the kids notice and they cling to that. Sometimes days are going so bad, you can’t get out of a bad mood or get your kids to listen.  They are kids and they can be rough.  Taking 5 mins for yourself to breath is worth it. My tactic is usually the bathroom for a few minutes. Maybe I wash my face or just stand there!  There are usually little fingers poking under the door, but at least they are not in there!

  4. Call or Talk to Someone

    I am lucky and can call my sister or my mom anytime to vent.  I also have some great neighbors and family I can share some things with. We all help each other out.  This week I used this tactic and vented and asked questions.  After you get some of your frustrations out, it makes you happier.  In turn keeping your kids calmer.  Having a network of people to talk to is essential for a moms sanity!  I am here to talk to you if you need anything, you can reach me from my Chat with Me Page. I’d love to hear from you!

  5. Remember the Wins

    Remember that not all of your day was bad.  There are a few good moments. My favorite is when the kids come and cuddle with me in the morning, they have juice and I have coffee.  Its quiet and we are all cozy under a blanket.  Remembering things like with automatically put a smile on your face.

Finally when all is said and done, I knew I was a good parent but just having a rough day in motherhood.  Switching things around and assessing what you have going on will help you and your kids come out of the madness.

So if you are still having a rough day in motherhood? Read and check out some things you can do to get out of a bad mood, like my post Tips For Stepping out of a Bad Mood.

If you are having a rough week, I am here to chat with you and would love to work it out with you.  Reach out or comment and let me know how its going or what you need!

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