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How a clean home can help you be a happier mom

If you have checked out any of my previous posts, you’ll get the vibe that I really enjoy a nice clean house.  Here is why I do it! For the selfish and not so selfish reasons…. 

How a clean home can help you be a happier mom

Having the house picked up at the end of the day…dishes done and counter tops clean help me start the next day on the right foot.  I come down stairs to drink my coffee knowing I can relax for a few minutes and enjoy.  It helps my brain from spinning and I end up truly enjoy the morning.  

In turn starting my day on the right foot and in a good mood, so I am a better mom throughout the day. Where I can handle those 3:00 melt downs and tired kiddos who will no longer take naps! I remember the days when they all napped…. pure bliss!

Now let’s be real here…. I have 4 kids and the amount of stuff that needs to be cleaned is crazy…

A few weeks ago my littlest girl was painting and I was getting ready upstairs. She came up to say hi and paint was up and down the stair railings and her face. Kids are dirty, nasty little things! But so dang cute!

As you can see these little munchkins keep me working.

This is how a clean home can help you be a happier mom! It helps…

  1. My sanity- calmer mornings for mom mean a calmer day for everyone!
  2. Healthier for everyone- cleaner surfaces mean a more sanitary house
  3. Passing on the Cleanliness habit to my kids- My kiddos are great helpers when it comes to cleaning. I am glad I can teach them to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This mom is not Cinderella over here!
  4. I like my husband to come home to a clean house and to be proud of his wife and family. Having your husband come home from a 12 or 16 hour shift to clean home also helps him keep his sanity. Rather than worrying about what went down that night in the house. It helps him settle in and relax.
  5. Selfishly I despise stepping on food, toys or gosh knows what… totally grosses me out! Sitting down on the couch without sitting on a Lego or a Barbie… mom win!

Growing up I remember always keeping a clean room and in general tidying up. It’s one of the things that honestly brings me a lot of stress relief and happiness. My house may not be perfect but put together enough to where I can wake up in the morning and just breath makes the work worth it!

Looking for a place to start? Here is a simple and quick cleaning guide you can use to start a new cleaning routine in your home! Try it and tell me how you like it!

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    How does keeping a clean house make you feel? Does it stress you out or put a smile on your face?

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