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How Listening Can Help you Be a Better Mom

Listening… Listening is such a hard thing to do but you always want someone to listen to you…Am I right?

We have best friends, mom friends and siblings for a reason!  We are all going through the same things at this time of life.  Kids, laundry, and pure madness! For example…

“Oh My Gosh, Annie is always putting her shoes on the wrong feet!”  ” No way, Peter is doing that too”

We want someone on the same page as us and friends that can be on our side at the hardest time. There are a lot of stresses in life and we want a friend, a sibling, and family member to listen to and help us feel all right. We want to know that we can make it through and that we are doing an all right job.

Listening to people is something we should do more of…And not just to our friends and family but to others as well.

A scripture that encompasses this completely is James 1:19.

James 1:19  My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

Quick to listen and slow to speak. That speaks volumes. 

There are so many people in our lives that we meet or that we already know that we could listen too more.

I recently met Chelsea from Life Skills House.  Life Skills House is a wonderful non profit organization that helps young women and moms create a lasting future for themselves.  They help teach young women and moms life skills, how to save money and to create a life that they love.

This program is for women 18-25 based in the South Houston Texas area and reaches all across the US for single moms, pregnant moms and trafficking victims. These women flourish in this program and create something they can be proud of.  This program brings God into their lives and many of them stay for years after the two year program finishes for them.

Cheleases put it wonderfully “The best part about Life Skills House is seeing a room full of young moms with hope for their future.”

Life Skills house has a great Facebook page where you can read all about what they do. They truly empower women to be the best they can be and thrive for the rest of their lives.


And you can get more in-depth info on their blog and how to apply.


Now the people helping at Life Skills House, they are true listeners and a blessing!  Someone who listens to others who really need it.  They are people who can help ease some serious pain for people who are in need of help.

Listening can change someone’s life.  So how can you be a better listener?

How Listening Can Help You Be a Better Mom

These 5 tips although I focus on kids here, can be used across the board in all kinds of relationships in your life… how can you use these to be better?

  1. Be Involved

    Know what’s going on in your kids lives. Ask them questions about school, their friends, and what they like and dislike about all of these things.  This sounds like such a simple task but as moms we get distracted with all the crazy things we have to do. I know I personally am thinking about 20 things at once and sometimes forget to be involved with my kids and sit with them and play and ask questions.  Something I can for sure work on!

  2. Make Eye Contact

    Always engage with your kids, look them in the eye and show intent, so they know they are appreciated and that you are listening.  There are times when eye contact and being engaged is hard…for instance when you are cooking dinner and they want to show you something. Probably not the best timing, nothing worse than burning dinner!  Suggesting another time or “I’ll sit with you in 5 minutes” helps.  If you are distracted and can not make eye contact letting them know when you can usually suffices. Make sure you do give them that attention when you said you would, of course!

  3. Show Affection

    Did your kid tell you how well they did in school today?  What did you do to show them you were proud?  Did you say oh ya or did you give them a big hug and a high five?  How you show affection to your child has wonderful affects on them.  Show them affection and appreciation and they will show it back.

  4. Be Positive

    As moms we can sometimes get wrapped up in all of the things we have to do and we get overwhelmed.  Being positive to ourselves will translate to positivity for our kids.  This also goes hand in hand with Showing Affection, showing positive movement and positive words helps them stay in a better mood.  Some of the best advice I ever received was ” Your mood affects your kids and your household” When mamma is upset, so is everyone else… if you are happy so is everyone else, if mom is frustrated, upset and angry the circle of madness just keeps going round and round.

  5. Be Approachable

    Always let your kids know you are here for them and you are willing to listen.  Sometimes if we let life always get in our way, if we are always upset or busy the kids will slowing step back and not feel as comfortable coming to us.  Always allow sometime in the day to be with them.  Even if it’s only 5 minutes, they will appreciate it! Utilizing the four tips above will help you stay open and be approachable to your kids. Let them in with open arms, they are only kids once. Remember you are setting them up to be adults and showing them how to raise their own kids.

With all seriousness aside showing all of theses things can be fun! Listening to your kids can be the best part of your day and can bring you both some joy.  Implement it as much as you can into your daily routine and watch the magic happen!

Don’t forget to check out how you can help other moms by looking into Life Skills Group. Listening to other may help you become a better listener at home.

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