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Make It or Break It… How to Tell Your a Mom Who Needs a Break

Being a mom is a 24/7/365 type of a gig. As most of us know.

But how do you recognize when it is just too much, when you need a break or if you can make it a little longer?

Here’s how I figured this out….

I am a mom of 3 soon to be 4 and I realized I needed a break about 2 months ago. I was taking the kids to school, doing you know, all mom associated duties. Also, running my blog for about a year. Not to mention being on duty most days by myself due to my husbands job and I was running on empty.I was quick to speak and not listen. I was irritable, moody and just wanted to do nothing. Stayed up WAY to late just to get a break.

So what did I do?


How to Tell Your a Mom Who Needs a Break?

Enjoy, Rest, Reassess, Recuperate, Restart

I stopped blogging and focused on slowing down. Reading in the morning became my go to and I took a break from all things that were giving me a ton of extra blah.

I even took about a month break from the gym. Which I don’t like because I pay for it and I feel like I am being wasteful.

It’s been about 2 months and I finally feel like I can get back in the game… And here I am working on a new post… BOOM!

How to Tell Your a Mom Who Needs a Break

So here is the kicker… how did I recognize this and what made me stop to think, this is all too much?

My brain basically stopped working…. I kept forgetting things, I was loosing important items and I was always frustrated. All I wanted to sit on the couch and not play with my kids. Yelling way too much!

I knew it was time for a break and that it wasn’t just an ok I need a night to relax and get some sleep. That wouldn’t help, I needed to rearrange some things and just stop and the best part….


And I did!

What does this do?

It helps you appreciate the little things, reprioritize and really take in the things you have around you. Even if it just a stinking cup of hot coffee!!

So I encourage you moms… where are you at right now? Are you kicking butt? Are you working hard but struggling? Or are you in desperate need of a break?

We all need to reassess sometimes… should you Make it or Break It!

Tips for figuring out how to Make It or Break It?

Write it down

Use your planner to prioritize,

Write down nothing and stop worrying,

Focus on 1-3 tasks a day.

Seriously just be silly and have fun! Your kids will think your crazy but that’s ok!

How to tell you are a mom who needs a break

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