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Moms Much Needed Weekend Away

Every mom needs a weekend away

Moms Much Needed Weekend Away

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ALL of us need some time away, whether you get an hour or you get a weekend.

I was lucky enough to get a whole weekend… here’s how my moms much needed weekend away went.

This past weekend, I had a moms needed weekend away from just about everything.

Let me put this picture in perspective for ya!  I was in Palm Springs, childless and husband less, which meant I could sleep without interruption, swim and have a few cocktails.  Did you hear that…sleep WITHOUT interruption and I DID!

I laid out in the pool all day and celebrated my sister in laws soon to be marriage.  We had wonderful stories, lots of sunscreen and yes a few cocktails.

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to have a weekend away.  Being able to go into a pool and not worry about kiddos and if they were safe, I could float with my eyes closed and I had some much needed girl time.

When you are in the depths of motherhood with a bunch of little kids who you are rarely away from. Every once in a while a weekend or a few hours away can change your perspective on everything.

Before I left I knew I was due for some alone time, I was a bit irritable but just ready for a break from disciplining and teaching and being on top of everything for a while. I didn’t cook all weekend and that is a blessing in itself!

My mother in law picked the kiddos up from my house a little early and I knew I would eventually miss them but as soon as they left I let out a big Yahhhhoooo!! I was ready!

We drove the 1h and 30mins to Palm Springs and I was so stoked! I was excited to sleep, chat and get a tan.

The weekend was wonderful and we all had a great time, I got to do everything I was thinking.  We celebrated my sister in law, we laughed, laid out and above all I was completely renewed and very excited to see my kiddos.

The best part is when I came home… I came home to some seriously amazing squeals.  My 5 and 3 year old came running to the door and my 1 year hold was screaming in the background going “mom,mom,mom” it was the best.

So moms, from all of this, here is what I am saying.

We all need a break, we all need a reset and we all need some adult fun. If you have something coming up that you can take advantage of, DO! It might just be the thing you need to recharge and come home to some seriously cute squeals that make you smile from ear to ear and really appreciate what you got.

If there is nothing in the near future… plan something, plan something with a sister or a friend.  Then come back recharged and ready to take motherhood on.

Tell me about your plans, got any?  Planning any?  I would love to hear how you like to spend your time away!

A much needed weekend Away

Some of my fav swim suit pics!

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