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Naturally Create a Weight Loss Routine

Naturally Create a Weight Loss Routine

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OK… there are so many different fitness tips, two week diets and get the weight off fast tricks floating around.  For me, none of that stuff works but I know that finding the right balance of routines is what is starting to work for me and get this baby weight off.  I woke up this morning and notice a small ab definition coming in!

So how did this work, how did I figure out what worked for me?  Naturally create a weight loss routine that works for you is a hard thing to find.

Routines, there are so many ways to create them but how do you do it for yourself?  How do you make them work for you?  Whether its working out, eating habits or self care.  Making a habit that works for you is one of the hardest things to do. Lets face it, finding that balance between everything we have to do in life is hard.  That is why I believe God created wine! Even when everything goes right in your day, a 5:00 chardonnay is pretty much the best thing on the planet!

Check out the free Repurpose and Renew Assessment Packet to help you create routines for a new you towards the end of this post.  Whether its for weight loss, self care or just making a positive change in your day to day schedule.  This will help you reorganize your day to be more productive and get stuff done! 

Today, I’d like to talk about the routines that I use, how it works for me, and how you can find the routines that works best for you.

Little background on myself… I was a competitive swimmer since the age of 4 and went to UCLA for swimming.  Swimming is still a big passion of mine but with my kids and my husband schedule I only get to go max once a month.  So sad, I love water! But with all of my swimming I gained a wealth of knowledge about fitness and health. I learned a ton at UCLA about weight lifting and eating healthy.  Yes I ate healthy in college, most of time!  There is a sandwich in every beer, so my husband would say!

But seriously, I worked out 2 times and sometimes 3 times a day with swimming. I had morning practice, weights or running and then afternoon practice.  That is some serious calorie burn and I could eat whatever I wanted.

Oh how times have changed…

Without all of that exercise and even though I ate healthy my body is so much different now.  Three kids later and right now I am rediscovering my body.  Being the athlete I was, I thought for sure my body would bounce back ASAP and it didn’t.  Since having my third baby, I know right now my body doesn’t want the intense workout routine I used to have, it needs a fresh start. Through some research and being very self aware I have started to find that routine that is starting to show my abs again!

So,  how did I accomplish this.  Some serious trial and error.  I realized with all of the stuff I had been reading and trying to implement into my routine would never work, there is too much to try and not enough places to fit it all in.  So I started with the things I liked the most.

Routine 1: Water, water and more water

I read from The Fit Rocker Chick to have 32oz of water ASAP in the morning when you wake up, she says earn your coffee.  Hydrate before your coffee, I love that!  For about 6 weeks I have been doing this and my digestion has improved immensely and I feel a lot better about my coffee. I also continue to have water throughout the day and drink half of my body weight in ounces of water each day.

Routine 2: Its all about timing

I normally workout when the baby naps in the morning around 9:00. I tried 4:30am and I tried 3:00pm when all kids would be napping but that’s never a guarantee. So 9:00 when the baby is asleep and the kids are at school is the time. I try very hard not to miss it.  If the kids are not in school I have them come with me or we do my workout outside somehow.

I used to hate working out with the kids around because I would be so distracted or they would ask me a million questions. Finally, I found something that worked. On those days I will usually pushing the baby in the stroller while the other kiddos ride their scooters. Another options is a park workout or we kick the soccer ball and I implement races and squats and etc through out but make sure we do it for 30 mins.

Routine 3: Movement is the key

I have a Fitbit and I love it!  If you don’t have one you should get one, click my links on the Fitbit name to check them out! Mine is an older version but my birthday is coming up and I cant wait to ask for this one. Water proof, I am excited! Anyway, besides water the key to weight loss is movement.  I have my Fitbit set to a 15,000 step goal.  Having this goal keeps me on my feet and basically makes sure I take a good walk everyday.

I never used to do this, I was very sedentary for a while.  When I first got the Fitbit I was at 6,000 to a max 8,000 steps a day.  Now I am hitting 15,000 and sometimes going to 20,000.  My best day has been about 24,500 so far!  I took a pic of it, I was so proud.  Needless to say I slept good that night, that was about 12 miles!

Hence, movement burns calories and thus creates weight loss, food of course factors into that.  Implementing more movement into my routine has made a world of difference, more energy and more tasks getting done.  I also go to bed earlier because I am so tired so I am getting a better nights sleep.

Oh ya that also means that glass of wine at the end of the day was earned and well worth it!

Routine 4: 6 Meals a Day

I know that everyone has a say on this subject but I dabbled in my eating for a long time.  When I was swimming I could eat anything, I mean 3 practices a day means I burned about 10,000 calories a day… I could literally eat anything I wanted.  After babies, big meals and giving myself too many passes can’t happen any more.  For a long time, I did 3 big meals but I found that I would still get hungry between those meals and would snack.  By the time I finished with my food journal through the day I was 2,500-3,000 calories which is not what I wanted.

For about 4 weeks now I have been doing 6 small meals a day and this is making a huge difference.

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