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One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days?

Seriously, where you just want to accomplish one task and the family seems to have another plan in mind? The other day was definitely one of those days…

Currently, I am trying very hard to get into shape, 5 years and 3 babies has left my body a little out of sorts.

Well, the other day was a walking day,  in my workout plan. I could tell it was going to be a rough one, “one of those days” I started to think.

My goal was to walk 4 miles but these 3 little terrors had something else in mind. We got about 0.10 miles in and they were already asking me to get out. We made it about 2 miles in when we got to our local city circle and I let them out to run around. They were fighting, yelling and the baby was crying the whole time I tried to get some bench push up and etc in. “Ugh, these kids” went through my brain.

Looking back at this image I took of them right after they got in trouble, makes me laugh.  It also makes me think of how great that moment really was for a few reason.

  1. I am not in control…  No matter how much I plan and how much I try to get things done, I am reminded that God is in control of my day and I have to laugh and smile at the circumstance we are currently in.
  2. I still finished…  Even though this workout was a bit rough, I still finished.  I got about 3 miles in a 15 minute body weight workout.
  3. Teaching moment… It became a wonderful teaching moment for my kids on patience and respect for mommies time.  Their actions caused a punishment of not being able to get out and walk on the way home.

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In the end, even though there are rough times through out our day.  We as moms can always use the good and bad situations to create something great. Something to look back on a laugh, because every day is crazy and wonderful at the same time.

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