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Snapping out of Snappy Crabby Mommy Mode

Today was a day where I needed to find something to create happiness in my day.

The kids woke up earlier than normal and were asking me a million questions.  I felt like I didn’t get a chance to breath before the madness started.  This brought my mood straight to snappy crabby mommy mode.

I knew I was getting this way, so I decided to make sure I did something about it. Mondays I walk the girls to school and walking them to school is one of my favorite things to do.  It gets us outside, it gets my steps in and walk very fast so I count it as part of my workout.  Thankfully, the sun was shinning and I think the girls were ready to go to school too. They were skipping and running the whole way. It was very cute considering they wore the same dresses today without me picking them out for them!

After I dropped them off I continued walking but went straight back to my snappy crabby mommy mood. Thinking about all the things that happened this morning and a few conversations I had this morning.  Have you ever done that?  Gotten out of a horrid mood and then fell right back into your own trap?  Man, I hate that.

I finished my walk and put the baby to sleep and pumped out a weights session in my living room and sweated the anger out.  Finally, I feel better.

During my workout this made me think, which lead me to some questions and answers below.

When there are rough times in your day, where do you go to find joy and happiness?  What actions or thoughts take you out of those bad times?

For me, it is working out, doing the dishes and writing.  As a hard core athlete for most of my life, sweating out some of my emotion makes me feel like I am starting my day over, it makes me feel alive again.  When I am feeling sad, the dishes help me slow down and think. I figure its the sound of the water.  Being a swimmer, water is one of my favorite things, give me a pool, a lake, or a river and that puts a smile on my face. Writing is a new found love for me, I am still developing my skill but it is amazing how it clears your brain and gets rid of the mommy fog.

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Most importantly I pray, because I know that when these days happen, I am not going along the intended path. I am following my own, which breeds more chaos.

How do you get yourself out of Snappy Crabby Mommy Mode?

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