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The Homestead, building our dream home

The Homestead, building our dream home started about four years ago. My husband and I embarked on a journey and made one of the biggest decisions of our lives. We sold our house and bought a 4.5 acre parcel and decided to build our dream home.

I am calling our home, The Homestead and I would love to share our progress with you all!

It has been a long four years of gathering information, having studies done and hiring all sorts of different engineers.  I mean, we have hired environmentalists, architects, civil engineers and many more.  But I am thankful that we finally have all of the information we need to receive approvals and permits through our county.  Unfortunately, this approval process will still take 8 months to a year but in the mean time let me tell you a little about our place!

Our house is not only going to be a dream for us but it is going to be an environmentally and eco- friendly home, as we are building our house out of shipping containers! These containers are specifically wonderful for our area because we tend to have a lot of fires and are on the ridge of a canyon where fires can easily reach us.  Containers are practically fire proof!

We have our architect to thank for this really cool design, Walter Gasser, who specializes in shipping container homes.  (www.gasserdesign.com)

It is going to be pretty modern with sleek edges and concrete floors but one of my favorite aspects of the house as shown in the image above it the container pool.  Yes, a pool made from a shipping container, how cool is that! It’s a long ways away before I get to swim in it, but I am still very excited.  It is about 3,000 sq ft, with the main living up stairs and a pool room and spare bedroom down stairs.  If you check out the collage up top you will see some of the amazing views that we get to experience from our lot, I don’t think I will get tired of that view.  On a good day you can see the ocean!

I am so excited to introduce our project to you, this has been a lot of work and dream in the making.  I will be posting a few design ideas and progress soon.  Stay tuned for the development of our very exciting project.

Any questions on container homes or home building process, please comment below.

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